Project Highlights

Personnel on Site: 30
Manhours: 10,000
Heaviest Lift: 180 Tonnes
Shutdown Time: 240 hours

Project Details

The Mt Whaleback Train Load Out (TLO) Flow Enhancement Project comprised of the transportation and installation of two free-issued 188-tonne flow enhancing hoppers, to the top of the existing TLO concrete vault.

The units were transported in three pieces to site, on Heavy Haulage Hydraulic Floats under permit and escort. The hopper components were unloaded onto rated supports, using the hydraulics of the float to set the main halves down within 50mm of the joining position, without the use of a crane.

Following delivery, the halves were assembled using a 220T hydraulic crane. Prior to installation, a total of forty 130mm diameter holes were core drilled into the heavily reinforced TLO vault roof, to a depth of 1.25m for the installation of M75 shear key bolts.

Once preparation was complete, the assembled hoppers were lifted and transported 300 metres to their final installation location, using a bespoke configuration consisting of four, six-axle-line Self Propelled Mobile Transports and an overhead Lift and Lock gantry system.

Key Challenges:

  • Operating in the heart of Iron Ore operations, adjacent to a live stock pile, constrained by rail lines and haul roads
  • The requirement to transport heavy loads down live haul roads to Centrals’ assembly and installation location at the TLO
  • Interface between other contractors in a restricted work area during a critical shutdown
  • Drilling large and deep core holes into heavily reinforced concrete in a tight timeframe
  • Transporting and placement of large heavy structures into position with small tolerances and overhead clearance restrictions

Key Project Achievements:

  • Zero injuries
  • Completion on time
  • Successful innovation in heavy lift and installation technology, translating into efficient and cost-effective delivery
  • Minimisation of high-risk activities such as crane operations
  • Successful change management

Train Load Out Flow Enhancement

Project Details

Client: BHP Billiton Iron Ore

Location: Mt Whaleback, Newman, WA

Duration: 3 months

Completion: November 2013

Value: $3M