Project Highlights

Personnel on Site: 65
Manhours: 51,000
Concrete: 8,000m³
Earthworks: Backfill and Compaction

Project Details

Engaged by Brookfield Multiplex, Centrals’ scope included the complete civil works associated with the Non-Processing Infrastructure (NPI) located at Roy Hill Mine Site. These areas included the Boilermaker Workshop, HV/LV Workshop and Wash Down Facility, Tyre Change Facilities, Bulk Lube Farm, Goline Buildings, Administration Buildings and other smaller stores and facilities. The total building area constructed was 20,823 sqm.

The civil works completed by Centrals included:

  • Provision of geotechnical testing and reporting sufficient for earthworks, roadworks and foundation design applicable to the scope of work
  • Survey and set out the works to the lines, design levels and grid reference details
  • Excavate for trenching, foundations, footings, pits and services including placement of appropriate bedding, backfill and compaction as required. The backfill of trenches was to client specifications, particularly giving due consideration to trenches under roads. This included all required services ducting – electrical, communications, fuel, water, drainage, etc.
  • Construction of all concrete foundations, anchors, footings and pads
  • Concrete plinths and footings for electrical switchboards, distribution boards and lighting poles
  • Culverts for pipeline road crossings
  • Vehicle collision protection (bollards and Armco railing where required)
  • Removal prior to practical completion of all temporary access roads, ramps, drains, earthworks and fencing that were required for construction

Roy Hill Mine Site NPI

Project Details

Client: Brookfield Multiplex

Location: Pilbara, WA

Duration: 20 weeks

Completion: October 2014

Value: $12M