Project Highlights

Personnel on Site: 12
Manhours: 6,565

Project Details

Centrals were engaged by BHP to design, supply, construct, and commission a New Explosive Magazine Facility.

To ensure that mining production could continue without disruption, critical planning was required for temporary storage. Relocatable Explosive Magazine storage units (REMs) were utilised, to stock explosive boosters and detonators during the relocation of the existing permanent explosive magazine storage units, from the ‘A’ Deposit Explosive Magazine Facility, to the newly constructed Explosive Magazine Facility location. Once the New Explosive Magazine Facility was operational, the existing ‘A’ Deposit Explosive Magazine Facility was demolished to enable safe mining of the ‘A’ Deposit pit extension. The work included:

Detailed Design

  • Architectural, earthwork, civil, concrete and electrical design of the new explosive magazine area layout in accordance with AS2187.1

Civil, Earthworks and Concrete

  • Clearing, grubbing, stripping and stockpiling
  • Detailed earthworks for surface drainage
  • Installation of 2.45 m high perimeter security fencing
  • Trenching and backfill with select fill of earthing grid and cables
  • Placing of blinding concrete
  • Construction of in-situ concrete footings and apron slabs

Structural Works

  • Temporary hire and installation of 4 of REMs
  • Decommissioning of existing Magazine Storage Units
  • Unloading, lifting and installing relocated magazine storage units to the new magazine facility

Electrical Works

  • Installation of earthing grid to perimeter of facility
  • Installation of 4 of lightning protection poles

Testing and Commissioning

  • Earthworks compaction testing during construction
  • Concrete field testing during concrete placement
  • Electrical resistivity testing for earthing and lightning protection

Demolition Works (of Existing Redundant Explosive Magazine Facility)

  • Removal and disposal of existing security fencing, including concrete footings
  • Removal and disposal of existing lightning protection poles
  • Removal and disposal of magazine storage unit concrete footings and slabs
  • Backfill and level existing ground levels

New Explosive Magazine Facility

Project Details

Client: BHP Billiton Iron Ore

Location: Mining Area C, Newman, WA

Duration: 5 months

Completion: September 2018

Value: $1.5M