Project Overview

The Overland Conveyor Construction package for the Solomon Project consisted of three conveyor systems that included structural, mechanical, piping, belt and electrical installations for each conveyor.

There were three conveyor systems, with a total length of 6.16 kilometres:

  • CV704 – 3.84km
  • CV113 – 1.25km
  • CV123 – 1.07km

Project Highlights

Personnel on Site: 126
Manhours: 75,000

Structural Installation

The client-supplied conveyor systems were loaded and transported from the laydown area to site, using a 400t crane and self propelled motorised transporters (SPMT), to carry three large transfer tower structures that each weighed over 110t. Smaller sections were loaded and transported using 250t,130t and 50t cranes.

The team assembled, installed and aligned 891 standard ground modules, each spanning 6m and carrying five to six idlers.

Mechanical Installation

CV704 consisted of three drive pulleys and six non-drive pulleys at the head and tail ends of the system. CV113 and CV123 each had one drive pulley and four non-drive pulleys. A further 6,300 trough idlers were installed.

Electrical Systems

CV704, CV113 and CV123 conveyors included the installation of switch room equipment, power cables from transformers, cable ladders, conduits, field equipment, VSD, drive motors, lighting and small power, control cables, earthing, fibre optic cables and terminations and testing to achieve commissioning. 18,500 man-hours were spent to achieve the installation of all field equipment and 97,000 metres of cable.

Belt Splicing

The CV704 belt was 1,800mm wide and required 18 splices to install the 30t belt reels. CV113 and CV123 belts were 1,400mm wide and required 13 belt splices. The 12.3km belt was installed in 46 days.

Piping Systems

Each Conveyor Transfer Tower System contained several air canons, which required piping from air compressors. Water spray systems for dust suppression were located at the tail end of each conveyor.

Kings Valley Overland Conveyors

Project Details

Client: Fortescue Metals Group

Location: Solomon Mine, Tom Price, WA

Duration: 18 weeks

Completion: September 2013

Value: $25M