Project Highlights

Personnel on Site: 60 (peak)
Manhours: 37,000

Project Details

Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) engaged Centrals to complete the design and construction of the Bigge Facilities and Fuel Farm Project, as part of the Cloudbreak mining operation expansion across the Bigge open pit areas.

The expansion included a new Heavy Mobile Equipment (HME) maintenance and refuelling facility, to facilitate refuelling operations and servicing of heavy mining equipment and surface mining equipment, and a new office complex including crib rooms and toilet facilities at the new Bigge Hub.

The design, installation and construction of the Bigge Facilities and Fuel Farm included:

  • Office complex comprising of an office block, prestart room, crib room, two (2) of toilet blocks and an undercover shelter area
  • Fuel farm with associated tanks, pumps, piping and valving; including two (2) of 200 KL self‐bunded horizontal diesel storage tanks
  • HME maintenance bay; Dome structure spanning 23 m wide and 17 m tall
  • Two (2) of Heavy Vehicle (HV) refuelling bays
  • Lubrication dispensers
  • HV refuelling equipment
  • Light Vehicle (LV) refuelling equipment
  • Road train diesel offloading station; and
  • Installation of ancillary works and tie in of the above services

The project had a peak workforce of 60 personnel and was completed in May 2022.

FMG Cloudbreak Bigge Facilities and Fuel Farm

Project Details

Client: Chichester Metals Pty Ltd

Location: Cloudbreak, Pilbara, WA

Duration: 7 months

Completion: May 2022

Value: $16M