Project Highlights

Personnel on Site: 63
Manhours: 70,000

Project Details

Centrals were engaged by Fortescue Metals Group for the design and construction of the Abrolhos Overpass at Cloudbreak Mine Site. The mining area required expansion and to ensure that there was no interaction between the Autonomous Haul Trucks and Light Vehicles (LVs), there was a requirement for an overpass to be constructed over the railway line. The work included:

  • Complete design of the overpass over rail, Rail Maintenance Track (RMT) and LV road, including structural and civil work to all areas
  • Construction of the overpass structures (precast concrete arch tunnel and multiplate steel arch tunnel) as designed, including all structural fill above and within the structures
  • Two-way Heavy Mobile Equipment (HME) overpass, providing up to 450 HME crossings per day, eliminating HME and train interaction
  • Two-way LV overpass, segregated from HME access roads by windrows, but using the same overpass
  • Supply and installation of all drainage works required to control/divert all water flows impacted by the overpass, haul road and LV road
  • Supply and installation of precast concrete arch tunnel (span 17.5 m, length 72 m). Total of 81 + lifts over live rail, without any disruption to rail operations
  • Supply and installation of steel multiplate arch tunnel (span 8 m, length 94 m)

Design & Construct Abrolhos Overpass

Project Details

Client: Fortescue Metals Group

Location: Cloudbreak Mine Site, WA

Duration: 6 months

Completion: November 2020

Value: $12.7M