Project Highlights

Personnel on Site: 24
Manhours: 17,000

Project Details

Centrals’ was engaged to design and build seven wind turbines at Australian Garnet’s Lucky Bay Process Plant to meet the site’s electrical demands. The seven Enercon E40 wind turbines, battery systems and diesel generators enable the diesel-off operation of site power systems when practical and maximise the utilisation of wind power and battery systems.

Centrals’ early involvement in the construction of the Australian Garnet Process Plant was followed by the simultaneous construction of deep foundations for the wind turbines. The comprehensive approach to construction included associated earthworks, concrete works, the assembly of both outer and inner Corrugated Metal Pipes (CMP), and bottom ring beams, which were then lifted into place. This ensured that the wind turbines were properly installed and that the necessary infrastructure was in place to support their operation. This method enabled Centrals’ to optimise the construction process and achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness for foundation elements.

Following the completion of the turbine’s crane pad and the installation of the assembled rotary hub works, the subsequent stages of construction prioritised the pre-assembly of critical components such as the generator, nacelle, machine house and blades. This was followed by the erection of the tower section and electrical commissioning. These crucial steps were integral to the successful development of high-quality wind turbines and ensure that the final product met all necessary safety and performance standards.

To enable the diesel-off operation of the main power station, it was necessary to install both a wind turbine and a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). However, a limited number of diesel generators were still necessary for protection during minimum short circuit conditions. In cases where diesel off operation was not economically feasible during Phase 2 of the project, the BESS was designed to reduce the reliance on online diesel generators.

Phase 3 of the project, which is anticipated to accommodate an extra load of 4MW, will include additional generators, wind turbines, and a second BESS. It will supply power to MUP, WCP, booster pumps, non-process infrastructure, and borefields.

Australian Garnet Wind Turbines

Project Details

Client: Australian Garnet Pty Ltd

Location: Kalbarri, MidWest, WA

Duration: 14 months

Completion: October 2023

Value: $16M