Project Highlights

Personnel on Site: 180 +
Manhours: 90,000 +

Project Details

The Lucky Bay Garnet Mine is situated in the Shire of Northampton, in the mid west region of Western Australia. The minesite is located approximately 35 km south of Kalbarri. Australian Garnet’s heavy mineral sands mining and processing operation focuses mainly on the extraction of alluvial garnet.

Throughout the development of Australian Garnet’s process plant, Centrals’ have completed the intricate design and meticulous construction of bulk and detailed earthworks, concrete foundations and the assembly and erection of approximately 700 tonnes of structural steel members. The installation of the requisite mechanical and processing equipment, which enables the garnet mining process to be completed, was conducted accordingly and in parallel with the construction of the relevant area/s.

Centrals’ scope of work encompassed various facilities, comprising but not restricted to; the Wet Process Plant, the Dry Process Plant and the Bagging Plant, alongside their respective storages. The construction of the Wet Process Plant was completed across four levels and incorporated a multitude of mechanical apparatus, such as; spirals, attrition cells, vacuum belt feeders, pumps, numerous cyclones and hoppers. These components were pre-assembled into modularised steel frames, to facilitate safe and swift construction, and to optimise the overall construction program.

To ensure the adequate supply of water for the wet processing components of the plant, a number of hydraulic components were procured and constructed including; CD tanks, primary tanks, raw water systems and an 18-metre-radius thickener. A similar methodology of pre-assembly and modularisation of building components was implemented in the construction of the Dry Process Plant, which spans across five levels. The Dry Process Plant procurement and construction comprised of various key equipment such as derrick screens, bucket elevators, red drum separators and spirals, which culminate in the final output destination for the Dry Plant.

Centrals’ developed the Non-Process Infrastructure (NPI) division of Lucky Bay, which plays a pivotal role in providing essential operational support to the process plant. This division comprises of an array of facilities, such as; offices, laboratories, crib rooms, ablutions, fuel storage tanks, diesel generators, a Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant, and a Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). Furthermore, several other buildings were constructed on the premises, including; product storage sheds, ilmenite sheds, warehouses, HV workshops, mining workshops, and administration support buildings, all of which serve as operational facilities for Australian Garnet’s Lucky Bay Garnet Mine.

An integral component of the civil scope which Centrals’ completed was an access road, constructed to connect to the intersection of George Grey Drive. This facilitated access to the Balline Garnet Process Plant and expedites operations to other areas of the mine.

Australian Garnet Plant Construction

Project Details

Client: Australian Garnet Pty Ltd

Location: Kalbarri, Mid West Region, WA

Duration: 24 months +

Completion: 2022

Value: Circa $100M