Project Highlights

Personnel on Site: 140
Manhours: 155,000 (estimated)
Earthworks: 400,000 m³
Concrete: 4,000 m³

Project Details

The Onslow Iron Haul Road is a 147 km private haul road, which traverses east from the Port of Ashburton, designed exclusively for use by Mineral Resources Limited’s (MRL) 425T autonomous road trains. The Haul Road incorporates four overpasses and one bridge structure across the total 147 km road length.

MRL has contracted Centrals’ for the construction of:

  • Ashburton General Industrial Area Grade Separation Structures
  • Quick Mud Creek Crossing Structure
  • Onslow – Warrirda Road Grade Separation Roadworks and Structures
  • North West Coastal Highway Grade Separation Roadworks and Structure; and
  • Mount Stuart Road Grade Separation Roadworks and Structure.

Works to be carried out include:

  • Supply of all labour, supervision, management, plant, services, tools, specialist tools, construction equipment, consumables, materials, logistics, transport to and from Site, inspection and overhead costs
  • Logistics management and transport to site of all Centrals’ supplied items
  • Provide sufficient materials and equipment onsite to complete the works
  • Temporary works design
  • Relocation and protection of Telstra fibre
  • Supply and construction of approach embankments/formations
  • Supply and construction of roadworks in accordance with MRWA specifications and standards
  • Complete all detailed earthworks
  • Supply and installation of embankment protection and scour protection
  • Supply and installation of drainage systems
  • Supply and installation of precast concrete arches, wingwalls, spandrel walls and retaining walls
  • Supply and installation of all structural steel components, including but not limited to; bridge modules and pile casings
  • Supply and installation of formwork and reinforcing for all structures, including but not limited to; piles, footings, pedestals, columns, head stocks, bridge decks and run-on slabs
  • Placement of in situ blinding and structural concrete
  • Supply and installation of all bolts, cast-in or embedded items, guard rails, fixings, walkways, stairs and handrails
  • Supply and installation of all culverts within the battery limits
  • Supply and installation of all waterproofing; and
  • Supply and installation of all protective coatings.

Ashburton Bridges

Project Details

Client: Mineral Resources Ltd

Location: Port of Ashburton, Onslow, WA

Duration: 14 months

Completion: 2024

Value: $88M